Welcome to Symmetry Of Motion

Finally put an end to Chronic Pain, Injury, and Limitations. Analyze, Correct, and Restore Your Body

About Us

Symmetry of Motion was founded by a practitioner of postural and functional mechanics of the human body, who dedicated the entire beginning of his life after constantly hearing "pain and injury is normal", to asking the question, "Is it necessary?" This is a community for those who are looking to get to the root cause of their problems with pain or injury so they can free themselves from pain and limitation.

Why Symmetry of Motion?

If you have been dealing with pain and limitations of the things you want or need to do in life, or you want to avoid that from happening in your future, you're in the right place. It's part of your biological design to be able to live without suffering from pain and injury. But this can't happen when your body is out of balance. While so many other approaches constantly focus on treating your symptoms, our focus is on YOU as an individual. SOM is for those who are looking to take control of their own life and free themselves from pain and limitation from its roots! 

What's included in my membership?

  • 2 check-ins per month with your own personal coach, including:

    • Postural and functional movement analysis

    • Custom-designed exercises based off your analysis

    • Re-assessment and exercise adjustments

  • Access to our private online community

  • Exclusive educational support content

  • Access to private group contests and prizes

  • Regular content and program updates

  • Invitations to private special online live webinars